coalfire pizza.

hey, y'all. we were out of town in columbus, o h i o last weekend, so i missed my post. but this one will make up for that!! 

last summer was the summer of pizza ... yet somehow, i didn't get around to coalfire pizza once it opened down the street on southport.

(ok, that's actually a lie. josh & i attempted to go to coalfire on our anniversary at the beginning of august when i was 38 weeks pregnant. you wouldn't think it'd be too crazy on a thursday evening, but it was packed with families & kids. i had a legit mental breakdown being surrounded by all those kiddios & we had to leave ... after we had already been seated. ha! not kidding!)

anyway. now that i have a babe of my own, it was no problema! we ventured out for a ladies + baby night with his nonnie & auntie.

a bit about this place : "at coalfire, we serve a thin crust, coal-forged pizza which emerges slightly charred & bubbly from our 800 degree oven fueld by clean burning coal." hence the name.

here's what i had ...
house salad ;
bibb lettuce, radishes, herb vinaigrette. 
i don't understand why a super simple salad at a restaurant tastes infinitely better than it does if i make it at home for myself. literally, this was a 3-ingredient salad ... & it was awesome. 

vegan pizza :
sweet onion, garlic, arugula, calabrian chiles & olives. 
look at the sun just shining down upon this amazing vegan pie. my only problem with it was that it was so good that i could have eaten the entire thing by myself ... but luckily, i am able to exhibit self-control on occasion & stopped at half. #winning

coalfire has several things going for it in my book. 1. baby friendly ... 2. vegan friendly ... 3. damn good. it'll definitely be a staple for us this summer. 

coalfire pizza
3707 n. southport ave.
chicago, il 60613