we all know i love pho ... as evidenced by the plethora of vietnamese restaurants i've visited. so when i heard about fuh (phonetic pronunciation of pho) in lincoln park (right across from the new fritz pastry location!), i knew i had to try it.

i do know what you're thinking ... who eats hot pho when it's 95 degrees out? i do, that's who. (which may be surprising ... since we went here when i was 40.5 weeks pregnant. that's right -- 3 days overdue ... 4 days from an actual baby being here.)

anyway, fuh is self-described as : "vietnamese fast casual." ... my friend, carly, put it best ... "it's like chipotle for pho." it really is ... you go down the line, pick your ingredients & voila! a hot bowl o' pho awaits you at the end.

here's what i had ...

vegan fuh soup bowl :
rice noodles, tofu, green onions, carrots, jalapeño, mint & basil in vegan broth. 
delicious. i, of course, also loved the diy aspect of it.

if i lived in lincoln park, this would be a go-to for me in fall & winter ... like i'd be there everyday. it's everything i love ... so the chi city vegan baby & i might just have to make a special trip (or several) over there! who's with us?

2218 n. lincoln ave.
chicago, il 60614