right before i went to austin, my company had two of our favorite clients in town for the week ... which meant trying a new spot for dinner one night. what whattt.

this time, we went to travelle, a beautiful restaurant in the langham hotel.

per the travelle menu : "allow chef graham to transport you to the many beautiful & wondrerous areas of the mediterranean through the cuisine of travelle ... indulge in the wealth of variety the mediterranean has to offer." lez go.

as i noted, the clients/friends in town are some of our faves ... so they were totally cool with me interrupting our dinner to take snapshots of everything. (yea, it can be annoying.) also, travelle is a great place for sharing, so i got to try lots of stuff.

here's what i had ...

pita balloon :
kind of better in concept than reality ... but the spread was tasty.

chickpea panisse :
more panisse! after never hearing of it before, i've now tried it at two different places. this was a less dense than at the dawson, but just as tasty.

falafel :
falafel, ya know.

spring vegetable slatha :
kind of a silly dish. but good. it was cold & confused me. 

cumin beet salad :
a highlight of the meal. so happy beets are still #trending.

cumin carrots :
another star. so so so good. wish i could re-create at home, but not sure i have the skill. also, i'm really into cumin lately, so maybe that's why i loved them so much.

roasted broccoli :
also delicious, but the carrots were better, imho.

the menu at travelle had plenty of vegan options ... if you can imagine, some that i didn't even eat ... but since it is on the nicer side (aka, not an everyday place to visit), who knows when i'll be back! if you go & try some of the other stuff ... let me know! adieu! 

330 n. wabash ave.
chicago, illinois 60611