austin, texas : elizabeth street café.

get ready people ... more amazing food from austin. we ate a surprising amount of asian & asian-inspired food while deep in the heart of bbq'ed meat country. but when travelling with a vegan, what can ya do?

anyway ... enter elizabeth street café ... maybe the best vietnamese i've ever had. 

the yada yada : "elizabeth street café is a neighborhood vietnamese cafe & french bakery in south austin ... the little restaurant boasts sunny dining rooms & a shady garden patio & serves fresh breakfast, lunch & dinner."

seeing as it was 95+ degrees outside (holy cow, texas is hot, people.) & we wanted to eat hot pho, we opted to dine inside in the a/c.

here's what i had ...

vegan rice paper & vermicelli spring roll :
ginger marinated grilled tofu, breakfast radish, thai basil & serrano.
so very pretty & so very tasty. 

to pho or to pho :
that is the question.

me & mah pho : 
thank you, instagram ... for camouflaging my sweatiness. 

 tofo pho chay :
chinese broccoli, organic tofu, hot bean paste & spicy sesame oil.
(this came with mushrooms, but i subbed them out. duh.)
so fresh & so green green.
amazing, delicious, scrumptious, level 10 yum ... not sure what else to say. besides i could eat this erry day.

guys ... i have a plan regarding elizabeth street café. i'm going to email the owners & see if they will bring their tasty vietnamese eats to chicago. it was seriously that good.  so stand by. maybe we'll be seeing an elizabeth street north post soon. (get it? because chicago is north of austin.) but probably not. fingers crossed! 

elizabeth street café
1501 s. first street
austin, texas 78704