harvest juicery.

we all know how much i love food ... so no, this is not an april fool's joke.

ah, juice. some people love it, some people ... not so much. me? my opinion's still up in the air. that being said, harvest juicery in the west loop is helping to sway more toward a more (not complete) juicy lifestyle.

after i first heard about harvest, i figured the perfect person to try it out with was fellow chicago vegan & juice enthusiast, marcy cruice(hi, marcy!)

a bit about this new spot : "at harvest juicery, all of the fruits & vegetables that go into our juice are organic or locally sourced. we incorporate fresh herbs & spices in each and every bottle that will awaken your taste buds while nourishing your body with healthy juice." sounds good! 

 i especially liked this little installation. because in my head, i read it as halley + josh. i'm dumb, i know.

anyway, here's what i had ...

watermelon juice & green #1 :
watermelon : cayenne & sweet basil.
green #1 : spinach, kale, turnip greens, cucumber, pear, lime. 
to be honest, the watermelon was waaay too sweet for me. (marcy agreed.) ... but the green was delicious. i actually think i could even drink it for a meal. what? i know. 

there are plenty of other options at harvest that i want to try, so i'm certain i'll be back soon. plus, it's so healthy. there's no negative, right? check it out. 

1021 w. lake street
chicago, il 60607