trenchermen - brunch.

to begin : "a trenchermen is one with the affliction for food & drink. unabashed. impulsive." i like it. wait. no. i love it.

ain't no secret that brunch kind of sucks for vegans. trenchermen, located on north ave. in wicker park, is out to change that.

this was very fortunate for me ... because i have been wanting to try trenchermen forever. so when the opportunity for a brunch date came along, i knew just the place.

a bit about brunch at trenchermen : "we've built our brunch to be the epicenter of the neighborhood at the start of a weekend morning ... with a cup of strong coffee at hand, our dishes also range from light and quaint to hearty and fulfilling, which means there's always something new from the kitchen to hit all appetites."

all that's just lovely, but the best best best thing about trenchermen? they are hella accommodating to vegans.

here's what i had ...

tofu scramble :
curry lentils, bulgar, fennel, tomato ragu & crispy yuba. 
wow. let me tell you. freaking awesome. super flavorful, unique, overall delicious. this is what vegan brunch should be like. fa realz. also - if i am remembering correctly - this dish is just auto-vegan, already on the menu. double win.

we all enjoyed trenchermen so much that we decided to go back for a birthday dinner (for me & my pals, carly & noelle!) ... so stand by for a dinner post soon! not going to lie, it was even more amazing than the brunch

2039 w. north avenue
chicago, il 60647


  1. Oh, this looks AWESOME! Putting this on my must try list for Thanksgiving chicago visit!

    1. definitely! and their dinners are even more delicious! post coming soon. enjoy your visit!


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