tenerife, canary islands, spain : restaurant 88.

after dinner at our hotel the first two nights we were in tenerife, we decided to venture out ... the concierge recommended restaurant 88, a high-end asian restaurant right on the water.

restaurant 88 features a mix of asian cuisines ... but mainly chinese & japanese. per the website : "experience the very best in south tenerife ... stunning sea views & impeccable, boutique style meet gourmet oriental cuisine. overlooking the atlantic ocean from its panoramic harbor side in the fishing village of la caleta, restaurant 88 has raised the bar in dining standards." and raise the bar they have.

here's what i had ...

kappa maki :
the usual ... fresh & delicious. somehow, the cucumber seemed extra crunchy. like.

tofu in tomato chili sauce :
this was the only tofu i had the whole trip & i was super craving it! as you can see just by the beautiful colors, this dish was fantastic ... sweet & sour tofu perfection.

88 oriental vegetables :
in a light, garlic sauce.
again, i strangely did not eat that many veggies this trip. obviously, too much bread + olive oil ... so when i found out this was vegan, we had to get them. sooo good. lots of bok choi, which i love, makes for a lovely side of greens.

i highly highly recommend restaurant 88 for vegans & non-vegans traveling in tenerife ... it's different from most of the other places, so a nice change of pace. plus the food is awesome.

restaurante 88
edificio del nido
avenida las gaviotas
la caleta, adeje
tenerife, spain 38679