filini is a little bar + restaurant located in the radisson blu aqua hotel right outside the loop.  

halley, what were you doing over there? isn't that where the finance peoples work? why, yes. yes, it is. right near josh's office, in fact. and when looking for a little spot for end-of-work-week apps & drinks in the land of skyscrapers and hotels, filini is perfect.

filini's mantra : "the best of produce, cooked & served in a way that's relevant to the way we want live our lives now. authentic italian food simply prepared to let the freshest of ingredients sing. food to share. menus that are flexible." well, we vegans like flexibility.

here's what i had ...

marinated tuscan olives :
did you honestly think i could pass this up? olives are my faveee. those big ones there were the best. not that you can really go wrong with a plate of olives.

broccoli rabe :
with peperoncino & garlic. 
perfectly cooked. perfectly garlicky. perfectly spicy. me likey.

roasted beets :
with arugula & balsamic dressing. (goat cheese on the side.)
your basic beet + arugula salad.

i know there are a lot of sex & the city fans out there. so ladies, if you are looking for a bar that looks like somewhere carrie, charlotte, miranda & samantha would sip their cosmos at in the late 90s, filini is your winner.

and for everyone ... for drinks + a few appetizers, you can't go wrong.

221 n. columbus drive
chicago, il 60601