barcelona, spain : passadís del pep.

toward the end of our trip, erin & i wanted to take our new friends to cal pep for dinner. unfortunately, they only seat parties of two to four at the tapas bar, so our group of six had to go elsewhere. we asked one of the cal pep servers for a recommendation.

his response : passadís del pep, another restaurant by chef pep just down the street.

so off we went, not knowing what to expect at all. but hey, the food at cal pep is awesome, so why wouldn't this one be?

"don't miss the opportunity to try a different kind of cuisine, whose simplicity & good taste are based on fresh, top-quality products. no menu, no rush."

ah, the no menu thing again. let's see how this goes. we sit down and are immediately presented with a glass of sparkling cava. then, the team at passadís del pep basically just starting bringing us food ... all of the meat/cheese/seafood variety. oh, & of course some pan con tomate. 

fortunately, one of our new friends was a lovely vegetarian girl from france. an ally! i've always loved the french. we explained our dietary needs to our server, who was at first surprised : wha, no meat? after the initial shock wore off, him & his team were absolutely freaking amazing.

our first plate was some sautéed mushrooms in garlic & olive oil. pass for me. but the rest of the table enjoyed them. and our server even joked when the meat-eaters had some 'shrooms on their plates : no! these are only for the girls. ha.

here's what else we had ...

grilled vegetable plate :
carrots, potatoes, broccoli, zucchini, eggplant, cauliflower, tomato, eggplant ...
have you ever seen a more beautiful plate of vegan heaven? all completely fresh, perfectly cooked & just generally amazing.

fresh fruit dessert plate :
kiwi, strawberries, pineapple & honeydew. 
again, so fresh & beautiful. i'm usually a little afraid of honeydew (and cantaloupe for that matter), but this was all just so fab, i had to dig in.

i would highly highly highly recommend passadís del pep to any travelers in barcelona. the meat-eaters loved their food... there was a fantastic wine menu... the staff were awesome... and it really was no rush. we sat around for a while, just eating and drinking.

oh, & the post dessert bonus? shot glasses + three types of alcohol for post dinner chupitos. #win.

passadís del pep
pla de palau, 2
08003 barcelona, spain