barcelona, spain : juicy jones.

ah, vegan eating in spain. it was surprisingly not as difficult as i had imagined. however, that didn't mean i was going to skip the only vegan restaurant in barcelona : juicy jones.

juicy jones is a juice bar & vegan joint. they've got a lot of typical vegan fare (i.e., hummus), but also some more unique items that are not what you get here. and there was no fake meat. (woo!)

here's me! carrot + orange juice.
the dining area is in a psychedelic bomb shelter type area in the back of the restaurant. 

this was erin's first experience at a vegan restaurant. and she (surprisingly!) enjoyed it quite a bit. we shared everything so we (aka, i) could taste as much as possible.

here's what we had ...

tofu tapa :
a few days without any major protein & i'm craving tofu like woah. this hit the spot w/ it's tasty balsamic/asian-inspired sauce. 

olive tapenade tapa :
i wish this had come with pan ... but alas, it did not. it was your basic tapenade of chopped up olives. i combined it with bites of the tofu that didn't have the asian sauce on them. yum.

soba noodle salad :
more tofu deliciousness. erin & i both enjoyed this quite a bit.

daily special thali plate :
everyday, the chef creates a "thali plate" of awesome indian food.
1. each bite of this was super flavorful. (and a great starter for someone who hasn't experienced a lot of vegan food.)
2. i loved the metal military tray keeping everything neat and organized. 
3. i want to eat this every day. 

yeah, we had a weird assortment of plates. but so what!

there are two locations of juicy jones. both of which are located within steps of la boqueria, a crazy/beautiful market & a must stop in this lovely city ... for some fresh juices (of all fruit varieties)! there's also several non-vegan market items, as you can imagine. keep your eyes & nose shut.

ok, come on, people. if you are a vegan visiting barcelona, you obviously have to try the only vegan restaurant. completely different than vegan joints in the u.s. and definitely worth the visit. 

juicy jones
carrer del cardenal casañas, 7
08002 barcelona spain