barcelona, spain : mussol.

sooo. the reason we were in barcelona to begin with was because erin was speaking at the offf conference. once her speech was finished, it was time to go out and celebrate!

speech over !
time for celebratory sangria !

so on a recommendation from the conference creative director, we went to mussol for some typical catalán fare. their website says, "at mussol, we want to bring the best of catalán country towns & villages to the city." we couldn't really go our entire trip only eating tapas, so this was the perfect place.

we dined again with our new friends. so my vegetarian copine & i shared a bounty of fresh veggies. here's what i had ...

pan con tomate :
this was the best version i had on my trip ... the bread was extra flaky + crispy. so good.

the next few are a series of beautifully grilled vegetables, prepared over an "oak charcoal" grill. all were equally delicious. so no need to describe the delicate flavor of grilled asparagus or the lovely taste of courgette (see below if you don't know what that means. i didn't.) ... it was all great. you get the gist.

grilled "el prat" artichokes :
prepared w/ rosemary oil.

grilled aubergines :

grilled courgette :
aka zucchini. 
one of the many things my french amie, claire, taught me. 

grilled asparagus :

sundried tomatoes :

olive oil w/ kalamata olives :

this is another place that was just so awesome about the vegan thing. everyone there spoke english -&- knew what a vegan was. when we walked up, i first asked the hostess. she then told our server, who was amazing and explained the preparation of everything perfectly. 

i believe there are a few locations of mussol throughout the city. so i say : if you're looking for a great dinner spot, look no further. mussol it is. 

carrer d'aragó, 261
08007 barcelona, spain