sprinkles cupcakes.

sometimes, a girl just wants a cupcake. for vegans? not always the easiest task.

fear not ... sprinkles cupcakes to the rescue. sprinkles is located off michigan avenue on east walton street. shopping + cupcakes? #winwin.

"sprinkles gourmet cupcakes are a deliciously sophisticated update on an american classic." and the fact that they offer a vegan version of the red velvet (everyday!) means they take the cake. (who loves a good dessert pun? me, obvi.)
v is for vegan :
vegan red velvet cupcake & doggie friendly cupcake. 

minnie's reaction to her doggie cupcake pretty much sums it up ...
my face looked pretty much exactly the same [super excited] when i was enjoying my enormous vegan cupcake

what i like the most about this red velvet cupcake is that the cake part isn't too too sweet. but the faux cream cheese frosting is super sweet ... so it balances out the cake part perfectly. super delicious.

 vegans, be happy. and head to sprinkles cupcakes stat.