grange hall burger bar.

the words "burger bar" do not conjure up ideas of vegan deliciousness. that being said, grange hall burger bar is the exception to that rule (that i just made up).

"a new farm-t0-table philosophy ... that will bring you back to a simpler, healthier, tastier time." 'nuff said, let's go.

here's what i had ... 

rainbow dark chips :
no dip (not vegan). 
thumbs up! (thanks, hoppie & piet.) who doesn't love fresh, homemade potato chips?

miss may's seasonal salad :
romaine, oranges, red onion, grapes, grape tomatoes, yellow peppers, avocado & walnuts ... w/ a citrus herb vinaigrette. 
ok, for a salad ... this was lit-rally awesome (to quote chris traegar). i normally don't like nuts on my salad, but the walnuts here gave this dish the perfect added texture and flavor. i snarfed it. oh, and the dressing? also super amazing. overall, fresh yumminess. 

steamin' baked northern beans :
seasoned with fennel.
i was sooo excited to see a side dish that was vegan. i didn't taste the fennel that much... for some reason, i couldn't place the exact flavor i was tasting (and neither could the guys i was with). but that doesn't mean these weren't super tasty. try them and let me know what you think...

strawberry sorbet :
and labeled as such. super strawberry flavorful-ness. some of the non-vegans put the sorbet on top of their non-vegan chocolate pie. and said it was awesome, too. sorbet : a great way to end a meal is what i always say.

as soon as i left grange hall burger bar, i immediately called josh to tell him how great it was and how much he would like it (yes, for the non-vegan burgers). i can't wait to go back!

ps -- grange hall burger bar does offer a vegetarian burger (held together with eggs). just not vegan. someday!