wilde bar & restaurant.

way back in october (what?!) ... i had a post-manicure, pre-rehearsal dinner lunch with my now sister-in-law (hi, hannah!) + the rest of the bridal party gang at wilde bar & restaurant in lakeview.

wilde is "upscale irish bar & restaurant" where "chef henry pariser & the whole staff are waiting to serve you some of the most exquisite cuisine that would make oscar himself proud." wowie. it's not everyday you see "irish bar" + "exquisite cuisine" in the same description.

wilde does have a separate vegetarian menu ... so i figured i might be in good hands with regards to a vegan option. there were two ... the first was a vegan irish curry. as much as i love curry, couldn't get behind this idea. so here's what i had ...

oscar's buddha bowl :
long grain organic brown rice, peanut glaze, tofu, baby bok choy, kale, red peppers, edamame & bean sprouts. 
ok, this was ... surprisingly good. i really did not have high hopes ... but it was legit. i was really into it. aka, finished the whole thing. 

here's the thing. wilde is good. but. (it's a big but.) it's located right next door to the new location of kitchen 17. it was literally painful to be so close & not get to eat some of my favorite vegan grub. i mean, i did have to take professional photos & fit into a bridesmaid dress the very next day, so skipping pizza + burgers for a buddha bowl was probably the best thing for me. but you're not me. so i'll leave the call up to you.

wilde bar & restaurant
3130 n. broadway
chicago, il 60657

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