co co vietnamese sandwiches.

i have been v blah on chicago restaurants lately. in all the ones i have coming ... i'm only actually excited about one of them. yikes. i need to step up my game, i guess.

anyway, a bit ago ... josh was craving banh mi. since both our neighborhood favorites closed unexpectedly, we opted to try somewhere new.

we landed on delivery from co co vietnamese sandwiches in lincoln square. there's not much of an about section on the co co website ... their facebook page offers : "banh mi sandwich & pho restaurant." direct.

here's what i had ...

seasoned tofu banh mi :
spicy lemongrass tofu. added sriracha, duh.
this was fine. tbh, nothing is going to live up to my now shuttered favorites ... so, yeah. this was fine. 

i'm sad my chicago posts have been so meh ... while the plethora of portland spots coming up are literally all bomb. maybe it's just because i've been dining at so many of my chicago favorites lately that these new ones aren't hitting the spot for me. don't worry, i'll keep at it. stand by. something awesome is bound to be around the corner! 

co co vietnamese sandwiches
1613 w. lawrence ave.
chicago, il 60640

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  1. Do you have opinions on Bon Bon in Wicker Park? I haven't been there in forEVER and miss it terribly.

    1. i haven't been in forever either!! their vegan korean wings though are ... delicious!!


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