seattle : tavolàta.

for our saturday night dinner in seattle, we opted for somewhere we could get carbs, carbs & more carbs. so ... italian! the pick was an ethan stowell classic, tavolàta.

about ...? "located in the heart of belltown, the original tavolàta is all about the pasta. from rigatoni to casarecce, conchiglie to linguini -- we extrude it all on site fresh daily. join us at the giant communal table, grab a spot at the bar, or book our private mezzanine for your next gathering." all i read was bla bla bla pasta bla bla bla bla bla bla.

so there we were, ready to eat. we did a lot of sharing, per usual. here's what we had ...

castelvetrano olives :
chili, citrus, fennel & mint.
i don't usually skip the olives when i see them on a menu. nomz.

shishito peppers:
these actually came as part of a cheese dish, but since i'm the only one who lives for shishitos, we got them on the side. 

fingerling potatoes :
artichoke, cipolini onion.
give me roasted potatoes & artichokes any day & i will inhale them. so good. 

vegan casarecce :
this was a leave it up to the chef situation ... which did.not.disappoint. first, note the enormous portion of pasta. i wish i had a quarter next to the bowl for scale. 2. look at the lovely fresh veggies! 3. you can't see the delicious, light olive oil covering the whole thing. just so tasty.

things to note ... at first, the server wasn't sure if they had a vegan pasta available that fateful saturday. thankfully, they did. so if you are heading here, perhaps call ahead to ensure you won't be hungry. second, we sat up in the mezzanine. like most of the pnw, there isn't really air conditioning. it was unseasonably warm outside ... we were ... hot. 

that's okay. it didn't ruin the meal & i got my pasta. mmm.

2323 second ave.
seattle, wa 98121

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  1. Thanks for this helpful review, and the food pictures to go along with the post, always helps one get a better idea. Great post, hope to see more such posts from you soon. Keep it up.


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