seattle : sizzle pie.

after a semi-difficult hike on our last full day in seattle, we needed some sustenance. (well, some of us did. some of us stay healthy even on vacation & opted to find some lighter foods.)

anyway, the fat crew landed on sizzle pie ... a pizza joint we had previously heard about when we stopped at mighty-o donuts. the gal at the checkout told us it was amazingly delicious for vegans & non-vegans alike.

so when the hungers set in, off we went. per the sizzle pie website, "classic & unconventional pizza, a selection of vegan & veggie options. 35+ beers, wine & a great jukebox." love it.

here's what i had ...

rabbits salad :
red leaf lettuce, red onions, "baco" bits, sliced hot peppers, tomatoes, croutons & sp vegan ranch dressing. 
ok first of all, this salad was yuge. that platter it's on is the same size as an entire pizza. second of all, it. was. delicious. a pretty basic salad, but damn. plus, the ranch was bomb. rivaling chicago diner ranch, for realz.

steve caballero vegan pizza :
modified due to lack of ingredients ... field roast italian sausage, green peppers, white onions, olives & tofu cheese dollops. 
again, just so good. i was hesitant about the tofu cheese, but it was actually good. i had about half for lunch & the other half for dinner about 2 hours later. 

sizzle pie is legit. if you're in seattle, check them for sure. the other good news is that they have multiple locations in portland & two spots in brooklyn. so, we've got two coasts where you can find them. pick one & get there.

sizzle pie
1009 e. union st.
seattle, wa 98122

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