ground control.

back in july when i posted my vegan dining guide, i had several people suggest i try ground control, an all vegan/vegetarian joint in logan square. in some ways, i'm a terrible chicago vegan ... because i had never even heard of this place.

well, google led me to the ground control facebook page where i learned that they're all about "exciting, creative vegetarian [& vegan] cuisine for the masses! also, we have beer & wine. yum." i'll second that yum.

anyway, when the time came around for a vegan dinner date with my vegan bestie (hi, tnaya!), we decided to check them out. actually, tnaya had been there, but not for many years ... so this was a re-visit for her.

here's what i had ...

tofu "wings" :
buffalo style served with ranch. 
can't go wrong. these would have been perfection with the ranch from chicago diner. 

cheesy italian :
juicy house-made seitan covered in vegan cheese with stewed green peppers & giardiniera. 
i loooooved this. could have used more giardiniera, but that's just me & my spice obsession. 

blackened tofu po boy :
cajun spiced blackened tofu, corn & pepper relish, spring greens, house-made pickles, tomato & garlic mayo. 
also amazing. i saved my half of this for lunch the next day. it held up perfectly & made me wish i didn't share & got to eat the entire thing. 

ground control is now officially on my list of favorite vegan stops in the city. because all of you are probably better chicago vegans than i am, you have likely already been here. but if not, get there asap.

ground control
3315 w. armitage
chicago, il 60647

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