seattle : mamnoon.

alright, after a delicious lunch & day of touristing ... it was time for our first dinner in seattle. as i said, we're a difficult group between a vegan, a gf & just other general food-related pickiness & issues ... but mediterranean is almost always a safe choice for all of us. i mean, who doesn't love a plate of hummus?

our seattle resident found the perfect option for us in mamnoon ... here's why : "food is an essential part of all family & social interactions in the middle east, where people grow up with intense flavors & colorful, vibrant foods fresh from the marketplace, prepared simply & with a lot of passion. ... here at mamnoon, we share these strengths brought to us from lebanon & syria to the new world of seattle -- where modern curiosity, compassion, progressive values & tolerance are paving the way for harmonious integration & celebration of cultures & flavors." wow. what a lovely description. kind of gives you hope for the world while also making you hungry. 

we did a lot of sharing at mamnoon ... here's what i had ...

hummus, baba ghanoush & oil w/ middle eastern spices :
i mean, what could be bad about any of this? the pita was on point & still warm ... which is always a major win. plus, the dips were just awesome, so there's that.

salated banadoura :
local heirloom tomatoes, herbs, garlic, lemon, olive oil & sumac. 
something about fresh, end of summer tomatoes prepared simply ... mmm. i've been all about recreating this dish since then. (i mean, mine didn't taste as good, but still.) 

arnabeit makli :
fried cauliflower, tarrator, parsley. 
ok, everyone at the table liked this ... i, personally, hated it. we all know i have cauliflower problems, so that was just it. if you like cauliflower, there's nothing not to love about this. 

fries w/ harissa spices :
SO GOOD. have also been obsessed with harissa spices since then ... have yet to eat fries this delicious again.

to sum up ... mamnoon was awesome. lots of vegan options. lots of gluten-free options. lots of love.

1508 melrose ave.
seattle, wa 98122

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