phew. i've had this one in my back pocket since early august. usually, i've got a good memory of everything i ate, but this was a pretty huge tasting menu, so i'm going to share pictures & you can imagine the goodness. 

anyway, josh & i went to chicago staple boka to celebrate our anniversary. over the years, i've had countless reservations at boka, but always ended up cancelling. i personally have to be in the mood for this kind of fancy food. but after a friend recently went, loved it & recommended it (hi, nikki!), i decided it was time to make it happen.

first, about : "over the past 12 years, boka restaurant has become one of chicago's most beloved restaurants. chef lee wolen's seasonal american food is framed by simeone deary's timeless design located in the heart of lincoln park." check, check & check!

josh knew he wanted to do the tasting menu ... which i wasn't thrilled about because they take so long when you aren't participating. BUT! boka is so awesome, they offer a vegan tasting menu! like i said above, here are the photos, use your imagination on the delicious nomz.

so here's what i had ... the vegan tasting menu :





you may note, there are three ... yes, three ... dessert courses up there. ugh, so good. listen, this isn't your run-of-the-mill, pop in for a random tuesday night dinner joint. this is a special occasion, get dressed up & enjoy yourself situation. it's not that often us vegans get to eat food this amazing. so if you've got a big birthday, anniversary or whatever coming up, look into boka. you won't be disappointed! 

1729 n. halsted street
chicago, il 60614

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