seattle : homegrown sustainable sandwiches.

okay, team. the first of seven (yes, seven!) posts from lovely seattle. (don't worry, i'll spread out every other week so you still get plenty of chicago nomz.)

after a long ass 4 hour flight (for the chicago peeps, our new yorker sat through 6 hours!!), we needed something hearty to get us through our day of being tourists. new seattle local (hi, bla!) suggested a spot in capital hill, homegrown sustainable sandwiches.

beyond having delicious food, homegrown has a cool philosophy ... one they've coined sandwich environmentalism : "our idea is that we have thoughtfully curate every little thing abou tthe sandwich - where the grains for the bread come from, how the animals behind our meats & cheeses are raised, what chemicals we're keeping off our fruits & vegetables - each sandwich will be a little bit healthier for the planet & for the people who enjoy eating them. and when you multiply that effect by all the sustainable sandwiches we sell every day, you can really start to envision the positive change we can have on the food system, even by rallying behind something as simple as a sandwich." wow!! really cool, right? 

here's what i had ...

hummus & roasted red pepper sandwich, vegetarian chili, chips & a pickle :
sam : hummus, roasted red peppers, cucumber & baby kale.
doesn't this look like the perfect meal to inhale after a long morning of travel...? and inhale it, i did. 

homegrown is a small chain in seattle & the bay area, which is nice, because you can easily find a spot for some delicious, sustainable vegan eats. highly recommend for a quick, tasty bite.

homegrown sustainable sandwiches
1531 melrose ave.
seattle, wa 98122

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