chicago custom cakes.

for the past two years, i've ordered a custom cake for the baby's birthday parties. both times = vegan. both times = natural sweetener (they have been for a baby, after all). both time = delicious.

where did i order these lovely creations, you ask? from the amazing libby of chicago custom cakes.

here's a bit about what libby does : "custom designed special occasion cakes ... from birthdays to weddings, showers to baptisms - let our cakes be a part of your celebration! ... each cake i make & decorate is unique, based on my design consultation with the client." i can 100% confirm this.

our two cakes :
first pic is mine, second pic is from the chicago custom cakes instagram.
how adorable are both of these cakes?! also ... if you do take a peek at the ig, you'll see some major skill in several beautiful cakes that are much more exciting than these two. 

HOWEVER!! i did recently have the opportunity to order a super cool fancy cake ... i co-hosted a harry potter-themed baby shower ... now look at this masterpiece : 

full disclosure, this one isn't vegan. but it does show you just how awesome libby is. 

so if you're looking for a legitimately delicious vegan cake (or not vegan!), definitely contact chicago custom cakes. i promise you won't be disappointed.

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