welcome to the party, birkenstock.

two items of great news. 1. summer is fast approaching. 2. finally. finally. birkenstock has figured it out.

just in time for #summertimechi, birkenstock is now offering a line of vegan shoes. most importantly, sandals. i practically jumped for joy when i discovered this.

i've spent the past two summers wearing a faux birk style from zara. don't get me wrong. i loved these shoes. but there's something to be said about the real deal.

this particular style sold out quickly on the birk website, but i was able to procure a pair from nordstrom & i've gotta say, i'm loving them.

birkenstock arizona slide sandal :

featuring a snoozing minnie in the sun :

i don't work in marketing, so i'm speculating here... but i'm willing to go out on a limb to say that someone at birk h.q. did a study & found that many birkenstock wearers are also vegan. (a preliminary google search of stereotypical vegans yielded no images of individuals wearing birkenstocks, but i know they're out there.)

so thank you, birkenstock! glad you finally got on board, peeps. it's about damn time.

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