phoenix, az : pizzeria bianco.

this silly new lifestyle of mine where i don't ingest a lot of carbs with the goal of not being a marshmallow has really put a damper on my pizza-eating schedule. 

so when we were planning our arizona trip & the infamous pizzeria bianco in downtown phoenix was recommended to us by not one, but two people (three if you count oprah), i knew we had to go. vacation is the time for carbs, right? obviously.

backing up ... why is pizzeria bianco so revered, you ask? "when chris bianco started the diminutive pizzeria bianco inside the back corner of a neighborhood grocery store in 1988, little did he know that he would be such a driving force in the slow food movement & specifically the artisanal pizza front. ... the food is a result of his relationships & his intention." sign me up! you get a pizza, you get a pizza, you get a pizza! 

here's what i had ... 

marinara pizza :
tomato sauce, oregano, garlic with added basil.
mmm. at this point in time, i hadn't had pizza in legitimately ... at least 2 months. does that seem like a long time to you? it was. for me. this 'za was delicious & i was super pumped to inhale the entire thing. (i didn't. #restraint #terriblelifechoice) 

a quick google of pizzeria bianco will lead you to believe that it is perhaps the best pizza in the whole u.s. of a. i personally don't know if i agree with that ... as i've had some pretty bomb ass pizza right here in chi city. some may argue that a vegan has no authority on this issue, which i tend to agree with. so just disregard this post in general if you fall into that camp.

pizzeria bianco was damn tasty. i'd eat it again in a heartbeat. and it's super cool that there's a vegan pie just casually sitting there on the menu waiting for one of us to come eat it. so if ya chillin' in the phx desert sun, definitely grab a slice... or eight.

pizzeria bianco
623 e. adams st.
phoenix, az 85004

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