sushi dokku.

okay, peeps. this was a tough one. not because the food wasn't good (it was fine / okay), but because the service was terrible.

sushi dokku had been on our to go to list for a while ... so when it was time for a birthday celebration (happy birthday, c&b ... last september), we decided to give it a try.

per the website ... "the menu is incredibly diverse & ranges from delicate sashimi cuts, to creative nigiri bites & maki rolls, to a japanese-inspired filet mignon for the non-sushi eater in the group." well, this non-sushi eater didn't have a filet, but ...

here's what i had ...

edamame :
warm soybeans & salt.
why i photographed this, i don't know. we all know what edamame tastes like & if you don't, this must be your first day as a vegan. welcome aboard!

cucumber & aged tofu salad :
tomato, red onion, green onion & garlic-soy vinaigrette.
this was actually pretty good. i liked having some protein in my cucumber salad. 

shishito peppers :
always good. 

veg roll :
ok, here's where things completely derailed. we did the "just let the chef make whatever he wants" thing ... this was horrible. maybe he didn't know rice is vegan? because, if not, why would you create / serve such a thing?! it was so slimy ... sorry, chef.

so things (food-wise) went downhill at the end of the meal ... service was bad from the get-go. look, i know this has nothing to do with a restaurant's ability to make a legit vegan meal ... but i just can't send anyone here without this warning ... our server never asked if we wanted more drinks (we did, it was a birthday, come on.) ... our waters were never refilled the entire meal (we were parched.) ... it took forever for someone to bring our bill. (i suggested we dine & dash, obviously kidding ... but that's how long it took.)

give them a try -- but diner beware.

sushi dokku
823 w. randolph st.
chicago, il 60607