new orleans : dreamy weenies.

when my coworker (hi, madeline!) found out josh & i were going to new orleans for a little baby-free getaway, she immediately insisted we must go to dreamy weenies. when our flight down was delayed & we arrived in nola starving, we quickly dropped our bags off at the hotel, grabbed an uber & hauled ass over there ...

the whole time, i sang "dreamy weenies, dreamy weenies, dreamy weenies, dreamy weenies! dreamy dreamy weenies. dreamy dreamy weenies. dreamy weenies. dreamy weenies." to the tune of frère jacques. (josh loved it.)

so you understand why i was so excited ... "dreamy weenies is not your average 'street meat.' we've taken one of america's favorite comfort foods & reinvented it with a unique new orleans twist. ... out of respect for people's various dietary needs, dreamy weenies uses separate cooking equipment & utensils for the kosher, halal & vegan hot dogs." yuuuuum.

we decided to over order & share in a classic case of our eyes being bigger than our stomachs. here's what i had ...

satchmo dog & the "higgy" :
top satchmo : vegan andouille sausage topped with red beans & rice.
bottom higgy : vegan andouille sausage topped with in-house chili, vegan cheese & 7th ward grits.
guys ... sooooo good. this was my first experience with grits & although untraditional in presentation, i found them to be absolutely delicious. i mean, the whole mid-afternoon meal was perfection. dreamy weenies even has special vegan buns ... so no need to worry on any front.

basically, i'd be 300 pounds if i lived in nola ... well, 1. because my alcohol consumption would exponentially increase. but 2. because i'd be at dreamy weenies everyday. if you go down there, you absolutely must go. 

dreamy weenies
740 n. rampart st.
new orleans, la 70116