27 March 2016

corridor brewery & provisions.

i love when a new spot pops up in our hood. corridor brewery & provisions (aptly named after it's location in southport corridor, duh) opened its doors a while back ... but baby & all, i just tried it for the first time a couple weeks ago on an impromptu lunch date with mah pal, tedi. (hi, tedi!)

anyway ... about corridor : "our kitchen's focus is rustic farmhouse, midwestern food highlighting sandwiches & artisan pizzas baked in a clay hearth oven & other artisan provisions." mmm.

here's what i had ...

grilled asparagus salad :
romaine, mission figs, marcona almonds & lemon tarragon vinaigrette.
i subbed romaine for the arugula. (i'm off argula lately ... too potent.) this salad was surprisingly delicious. the dressing was light, but not too light. the figs added the perfect amount of sweet ... & damn. i forgot how much i love asparagus. all in all, really the perfect summer salad.

given the proximity to my apartment & the tastiness of my first visit there, i'll certainly be back to corridor. i asked our waitress on the way out if the pizzas could also be prepared vegan & she believed they could be ... so i'll likely try that next time. until then!  

3446 n. southport ave.
chicago, il 60657

20 March 2016

winter citrus booster juice.

i found this recipe on joy the baker about a year ago ... and it's been sitting in my inbox since then. finally, this end of winter / beginning of spring (yeah, i'm off a bit), i decided to make it.

as this was literally my first time using my juicer that i received for my wedding 5 years ago (i suck), i consider myself very new to the juicing world.

however, that didn't stop me from making a tweak of my own to the recipe. i added two beets, which gave the juice this lovely bright pink color. also, fyi ... you need a juicer to make this recipe. so follow your juicer's instructions on how to juice root veggies & citrus.

here it is ...

ingredients :
 - 5 carrots
 - 1 large sweet potato
 - 2-3 inches of ginger, unpeeled
 - 2 beets (my addition)
 - 1 tangerine, peeled
 - 1 navel orange
 - 1 grapefruit

directions :

1. run all the ingredients through a juicer. 
2. enjoy immediately over ice. 

makes 2 large servings of juice. 

and that's it! this made way more than 2 servings of juice for me ... not sure how long juice lasts in a fridge, but mine made it about 3 days, maybe 4 glasses of juice. hope you enjoy! 

13 March 2016

thai lagoon.

my favorite thai restaurant (cough cough pot pan cough cough) has slowly been inching downward on my list. not because the food isn't great, because it is ... but because every.damn.time we order delivery from them, the food is spilled in the bag.

so when erin & i were wanting some curry recently, she suggested we try a place that's at the top of her list. enter thai lagoon in wicker park / west town.

in a city with a plethora of thai restaurants ... thai lagoon legitimately stands out : per their website, "all dishes are made to order ... most dishes can be made vegan." i mean ... come on. does it get any better, vegans??

why, yes. it does. because thai lagoon is actually delicious.

here's what i had ...

vegan red curry :
tofu, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, coconut milk & basil.
this curry puts many other curries i've had to shame. just delightful. great flavor & not overwhelming me with too many additional veggies like some do. plus, plenty of tofu. my fave.

just writing this post is making me want thai lagoon again. might have to order some this week! 

thai lagoon
2232 w. north ave.
chicago, il 60647

06 March 2016

more new items : girl & the goat.

listen. i don't want chef stephanie izard to think i'm obsessed with her or anything ...

but at this point, i've been to both little goat diner and girl & the goat too many times to count (trip 1, trip 2, trip 3 & several more not posted about) ... and even went to a special event at macy's with my mom & then 15 week old baby to see her cook ... so apparently, my girl crush is well established.

anyway ... it's still impossible to get a reservation at girl & the goat ... so even before the chi city vegan baby was born (a slight exaggeration, perhaps), my girlfriends & i had reservation set for earlier this year.

with a newly seasonal vegan menu ... i was pretty pumped. i had some old favorites (hello, my favorite shishito peppers & cauliflower dish) & tried two new items.

vegan menu :
heart eyes emoji. 

here's what i had ...

olive you bread :
since becoming pregnant approximately 16 months ago, my life mantra has been : "carbs carbs carbs carbs carbs carbs carbs carbs carbs!" repeated to the tune of that obnoxious song about taking shots. since i'm not feeling any sign of stopping, i was pretty pumped to eat some fresh pan. plus, given my affinity for olives, this was perfection. 

masala winter squash :
blistered tomatoes, brussels sprouts & chickpeas.
per usual when we eat at girl & the goat ... by time our final round of dishes came around, we were all stuffed. so i may have only had a couple bites of this one. but i promise, it was delicious. 

girl & the goat continues to be amazing ... we've got another reservation coming up in april & will be bringing le bebe. (don't worry, i saw other babes there the last time we were in ... eep.) already drooling for the shishitos!

girl & the goat
809 w. randolph st.
chicago, il 60607