winter citrus booster juice.

i found this recipe on joy the baker about a year ago ... and it's been sitting in my inbox since then. finally, this end of winter / beginning of spring (yeah, i'm off a bit), i decided to make it.

as this was literally my first time using my juicer that i received for my wedding 5 years ago (i suck), i consider myself very new to the juicing world.

however, that didn't stop me from making a tweak of my own to the recipe. i added two beets, which gave the juice this lovely bright pink color. also, fyi ... you need a juicer to make this recipe. so follow your juicer's instructions on how to juice root veggies & citrus.

here it is ...

ingredients :
 - 5 carrots
 - 1 large sweet potato
 - 2-3 inches of ginger, unpeeled
 - 2 beets (my addition)
 - 1 tangerine, peeled
 - 1 navel orange
 - 1 grapefruit

directions :

1. run all the ingredients through a juicer. 
2. enjoy immediately over ice. 

makes 2 large servings of juice. 

and that's it! this made way more than 2 servings of juice for me ... not sure how long juice lasts in a fridge, but mine made it about 3 days, maybe 4 glasses of juice. hope you enjoy!