thai lagoon.

my favorite thai restaurant (cough cough pot pan cough cough) has slowly been inching downward on my list. not because the food isn't great, because it is ... but because every.damn.time we order delivery from them, the food is spilled in the bag.

so when erin & i were wanting some curry recently, she suggested we try a place that's at the top of her list. enter thai lagoon in wicker park / west town.

in a city with a plethora of thai restaurants ... thai lagoon legitimately stands out : per their website, "all dishes are made to order ... most dishes can be made vegan." i mean ... come on. does it get any better, vegans??

why, yes. it does. because thai lagoon is actually delicious.

here's what i had ...

vegan red curry :
tofu, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, coconut milk & basil.
this curry puts many other curries i've had to shame. just delightful. great flavor & not overwhelming me with too many additional veggies like some do. plus, plenty of tofu. my fave.

just writing this post is making me want thai lagoon again. might have to order some this week! 

thai lagoon
2232 w. north ave.
chicago, il 60647