pizzeria da nella.

i know what you're thinking. "another pizza place?!" yes. another pizza place. this is chicago & i like pizza. deal with it!

anyway, pizzeria da nella in lincoln park isn't just any pizza place... they know what's up : "in chicago, deep dish pizza is king. however, there's still room for classic neapolitan pizza .... our wood-oven stove is operated by a naple's native whose passion for italian food is only matched by her experience with pizza." truer words have never been spoken.

here's what i had ...

mista salad :
mixed salad, cherry tomatoes, green & black olives, evoo & balsamic.
this is my favorite kind of salad. i mean, look at all those olives!!! it seems like it should be easily replicated at home ... but somehow, it's just never as good. maybe i need to try again.

marinara pizza:
tomatoes, garlic, oregano, olive oil & basil. 
my first thought when i saw this pizza was that it looked kind of sad. which it does. but DAMN, WAS IT GOOD. the more i think about it, the more it is moving up my list of favorite pizzas. 

pizzeria da nella is going to be in my rotation from now on due to the following reasons... 
1. it's super kid friendly in there. 
2. if we don't wanna leave the house, they deliver!! (what?!) 
3. it's delicious. 


pizzeria da nella
1443 w. fullerton ave
chicago, il 60614