an update!

guys. being a mom is no joke. i mean, it's absolutely amazing. but somehow, i don't have the time (or energy) to dine out as frequently as i did in the past. (who would have thought?!)

that being said, i've decided to take this li'l blog in a kind of new direction ... LIFESTYLE! woot!

i'm going to start sharing some new content ... all vegan, of course. fashion, local events, news, etc. ... & maybe even a recipe (!) here or there.

in fact, i've got something special planned for this week featuring dandies marshmallows ... for my fave holiday ... valentine's day! so keep an eye out!!

here's how minnie celebrates v-day :
cutest puppy in the world.

oh! and if anyone has any recommendations or ideas for content you'd like to see ... just let me know!

until then ...


  1. Do you use vegan and cruelty free makeup? Would love to hear your suggestions if so! Thanks! Love the blog!

    1. hi, andrea!

      i do use some vegan/cruelty free makeup! great idea! i'll try to get a post on that together ... one of my girlfriends is the queen of vegan make up though. maybe i'll see if she wants to write one. :)

      thanks for the idea & for reading!


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