pequod's pizza.

josh & i decided to continue the pizza friday tradition this week with somewhere new. since i just found out from a facebook follower (hi, lydia!) that pequod's pizza in lincoln park offers vegan deep dish ... & it's one of josh's favorite pizza joints (behind lou mal's, that is) in the city ... it was the obvious choice.

pequod's slogan is "crispy cheese crust or bust!" ... not the most vegan-friendly thing i've ever seen. but that's ok ... because if you order no cheese, you're all good!

here's what i had ...

vegan deep dish :
black olives, green peppers, onions, 86 cheese.
(86 cheese was how it was written on our ticket & made me laugh!)
anyway ... guys! we have a second option in the windy city for vegan deep dish pizza! rejoice! it's good ... not my favorite, but good still. especially since they didn't skimp on the olives. 

but whether or not i loved it isn't that important ... what's important is that we all now know that pequod's has vegan pies ... i'm looking forward to trying the thin crust next time!

pequod's pizza
2207 n. clybourn
chicago, il 60614


  1. Kitchen 17 in Lakeview has vegan deep dish on Wednesdays- I still haven't been but it sounds amazing!

    1. hi, maria!

      kitchen 17 has been on my list foreverrr. now i definitely need to get there!

      thanks for reading! :)

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  3. this pizza looks amazing! what is 86 cheese? is it a soy cheese? what did it taste like? was it more like daiya or chao?

    also, you mentioned this wasn't your favorite! where is the other deep dish vegan pizza in Chicago that IS your favorite?! I'm interested in trying both!

    Thanks :)

    PS sorry I had to delete the original comment, I forgot to click "notify me" so I had to redo it!

    1. hi, allison!

      86 is a restaurant term that means "no" or that something is run out ... so it just means no cheese. :)

      my favorite is lou malnati's! it's sooo good.

      let me know what you think of both!!!!

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