spacca napoli pizzeria.

my gp (gal pal), blair, has a food bucket list ... similar to my 2015 eating list. at the top of her list was spacca napoli pizzeria in lincoln square. so last weekend, off we went!

spacca napoli really channels what real authentic italian food in general is all about ... nothing too fancy. just solid, delicious ingredients ... "pizza faithful to the authentic neapolitan style." i mean... simple & to the point. you see what i'm saying?!

here's what i had ...

insalata mista :
mesclun greens, castelvetrano olives, fresh tomatoes, balsamic vinegar & olive oil
any salad that is chock full of olives is a salad i can get behind. see those green olives on there? those are my absolute favorite kind. yuuuum. super tasty all around.

marinara d.o.p. :
blended san marzano tomatoes, piennolo tomatoes, oregano, garlic, evoo. 
while we all four got different kinds of pizza, the consensus was 100%, hands down the best neapolitan pizza we've had in chicago ... and we've had a lot. oh, and see the d.o.p. at the end? that means the san marzano tomatoes are legit. 

spacca napoli is officially on my new favorites list. i've already made a promise to bring josh back there ...!

spacca napoli pizzeria
1769 w. sunnyside
chicago, il 60640