the winchester.

i first heard about the winchester in west town / ukrainian village a while back ... but i didn't know much about them.

then their pr people sent me some info in december :
     the chef is greg bastien.
     it's an all-day neighborhood café serving breakfast, lunch & dinner.
     2015 is about "cleaning up our act" when it comes to eating ... especially after the holidays.

so i was already pretty much sold. then i found this out : "the winchester utilizes produce, meats & artisanal products from local, organic providers." now, definitely sold.

this post features the outstanding brunch menu at the winchester. so get ready. oh, this was a late-brunch, post-pilates situation ... so by time we actually ordered, i was somewhat ravenous. it may appear that i ate a lot ... because i did. #nojudgment.

here's what i had ... 

special green juice :
kale, celery, apple & some other green things.
once a green juice lover, always a green juice lover. delicious.

avocado toast :
w/ grapefruit & chilies. 
 fresh avocado ... a lil spice in the chilies ... thick-cut tasty toast. a complete win/win.

house granola :
w/ coconut yogurt. 
i was pumped for the coconut yogurt & granola option mostly because i've never had it & certainly have never seen it on a menu. it was outstanding ... and i've already bought the ingredients to replicate for breakfast throughout the upcoming week.

not going to lie ... the brunch at the winchester is great ... the main qualifier? their super tasty vegan stuff. the issue? service is sloooow. not a big deal if you are there for a casual brunch ... but something to keep in mind if you're on a schedule. but either way, definitely worth a visit. i'll definitely be back for dinner!

the winchester
1001 n. winchester ave.
chicago, il 60622


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