23 December 2014

holiday hiatus!

happy holiday, veggies!! hope you're all feeling the holiday cheer.

what is everyone doing the rest of the year? 
i'll be heading to mexico again, so taking a mini hiatus ...

me & hubs on the last mexico trip. 

and when we get back ... i've got some special posts coming up ... including a few guest spots!
2014 was great, but i can't wait to see what 2015 brings! see ya next year! 

21 December 2014

le pain quotidien : more food!

i recently went back to le pain quotidien ... two times in one week. yeah, i do like it that much!

i made it a point to try all different things from what i had on my first visit ... ya know, just to spice it up. one trip was for brunch, one was for dinner.

here's what i had ...

chia seed pudding :
chia seeds, coconut milk & seasonal jam.
my first experience with chia seed pudding! really simple & surprisingly delicious. i somehow was thinking it was going to be a larger portion, so i left a lil hungry, but that's okay.

vegan kale caesar salad :
kale, capers, croutons & vegan caesar dressing.
this salad was super basic. which was fine. everything tasted great, but my issue was how little dressing there was! i mean, raw kale needs to be dressed. i had to ask for an extra side. 

organic carrot cake:
one word (sound) : mmm. 

lpq continues to be a great stop for a quick bite. and with so many vegan options & an ever-changing menu, you never get bored.

le pain quotidien
1000 w. armitage ave.
chicago, il 60614

17 December 2014

do-rite donuts & coffee.

we can all agree that donuts are the bomb.com, right? so when i heard about a lil' shop in chicago that does a daily vegan donut, i was more than pumped.

enter do-rite donuts & coffee : "we make our donuts in small batches, never more than 36 at a time. our goal is to deliver the freshest donuts every hour that we are open. we proudly offer a selection of gluten free & vegan donuts, made from scratch daily." awesome score: a+++++++.

here's what i had ...

vegan maple chai :
it was a friday ... and let me tell you, this was the best way to start said friday. and any other friday, really. or any day. i mean, it's a vegan donut. so ... 'nuff said.
(special thanks to my vegan pal tnaya for bringing one for me!)

so to sum up, friday = chai = check = delicious. i can't wait to try the rest!! thanks for being amazing, do-rite!

do-rite donuts & coffee
50 w. randolph st.
chicago, il 60601

14 December 2014

perennial virant.

my girls & i are always looking to go to places we've never been before ... and while perennial virant in lincoln park has been there forever, it was new to us. so off we went!

perennial virant can be summed up quite nicely : "chicago restaurant. chef paul virant. farm to table. contemporary american food." oh, they also specialize in seasonal foods & pickling. great!! 

here's what i had ...

warm city farm spinach salad :
pickled artichokes, roasted sunchokes, fermented cauliflower & crispy chickpeas.
this was weird for me. i know it was a warm spinach salad, but half of the spinach was just fully cooked. tasty, but weird.

sweet potato soup :
pickled jalapeño & puffed wild rice.
love me some soup in the winter. so delicious. the pickled jalapeño was surprisingly perfect here! 

hazzard free farm purple barley :
kale, roasted sunchokes & apple butter.
guys, i wanted to love this, but i just didn't! kale, good. roasted sunchokes, good. purple barley, good. apple butter? meh.

listen, i'll def be back to perennial virant. they were super accommodating to me being vegan (aka, lots of options!!), so i already love them anyway. i'm just forever scared of apple butter. oops.

perennial virant
1800 n. lincoln avenue
chicago, il 60614

10 December 2014


when my gal pals & i heard about gather, a relatively new restaurant in lincoln square, we wanted to get there stat. ok, it's over a year old. but whatever.

with a charlie trotters alum, chef ken carter, at the helm, we knew it would be delicious.

about gather : "by blending the best of european wine culture with the ease of american style, we have created a natural setting where friends & family come to gather & share amazing hospitality, delicious food, superb wine & good company." beautifully said! 

here's what i had ...

broccoli :
 sunchoke, marcona almond, grapefruit & ancho chili.
unusual & quite tasty! mah non-veg friend who shared with me (hi, joelle!) loved it too.

pumpkin risotto :
sunchoke, broccoli, pumpkin, etc.
this was a huge bowl of risotto. i couldn't even come close to finishing it! lovely flavor, & textures, perfectly cooked ... can't go wrong. the ingredients look & feel healthy, so even though it's a massive dish of comfort food, you don't feel that bad about snarfing it. winning!

the food at gather was really very good. my only gripe? holy cow did service take forever. they were slow. i mean, really slow. maybe it was an off night or maybe that's just how it is (or maybe it was my risotto) ... but if you're headed there, give yourself plenty of time just in case! 

but for the risotto, it's worth at trip.

4539 n. lincoln ave.
chicago, il 60625

03 December 2014

froyo chicago.

it's about damn time we got a froyo place on southport.

don't get me wrong. jeni's is the bomb. anthony's was (was, tears) my absolute fave ... but there's something about a diy froyo situation that is just so top notch.

so when i heard that not only were we getting a froyo shop ... but one that specializes in healthy & vegan stuff? i was pumped.

this magical place you ask? froyo chicago.

here's the most important part of the about section (aka, the vegan deets) : "our rich & creamy vegan coconot froyo is not only dairy free, but soy free! we also offer refreshing vegan sorbets & a delicious low-fat vegan hot cocoa." yessss.

i know what you are thinking. "halley, it's a tundra out there. what are you doing eating froyo?" to that i say, i don't care! froyo is delicious & worth being cold for. also, sign me up for that hot chocolate, stat.

here's what i had ...

#vegan coconut froyooo!
  cherries & sprinkles.
mmm. 'nuff said.

i can already tell froyo chicago will become a staple in my life ... looking forward to my next trip already!! 

froyo chicago
3746 n. southport ave.
chicago, il 60613