victory's banner.

for the past three years, one of my friends/co-workers (hi, erik!) has been telling me about a little vegetarian/vegan joint : victory's banner in roscoe village.

it literally has taken me this whole time to get there. but i finally did.

their website proclaims, "yes, we are vegetarian. but you won't miss the meat!" yes, people, it's true. you won't miss it!

here's what i had ...

vegan french toast :
w/ vegan butter. obviously.
when i was little, i hated french toast. like really hated. i think it was the egg bit. but now, since there are no eggs involved ... and it's basically sweetened, fried bread ... i'm all about it. i haven't had french toast since my trip to karyn's cooked a while back ... i think i liked this version better! it was super sweet & delicious ... i didn't even need to add any maple syrup.

soy sausage :
soy sausage + cholula is one of my favorite breakfast items.
this homemade version was delicious!

crispy potatoes :
any form of potatoes is a-ok in my book.
i added cholula to these, too. overall, great.

my one piece of advice is not to go to victory's banner on the weekend ... it's a small place, so you'll definitely wait. but besides that ... the food is quite good. definitely worth a visit for any brunch-loving vegans.

2100 w. roscoe street
chicago, il 60618


  1. One of my favorite places! I love the tofu scrambles sans cheese. Next time get their fresh raspberry sauce with your french toast. Its the best!

    1. super yummy!

      oh, great tip!!!! thanks for the advice. :)

  2. Just went there for the first time last weekend! I was so excited to have good vegan French toast that I snarfed it right down. Victory!!

    1. snarfability is extremely important when determining the quality of a dish ... and i agree. the french toast was totally snarfable!


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