dawali mediterranean kitchen.

ah. the winter olympics. what better way to celebrate than by watching the opening ceremonies with your best girls & ordering in some greek food? just as the original olympians would have eaten!

and so we did just that ... for this particular occasion, we decided to go with dawali mediterranean kitchen, located right in heart of lincoln park ... where they serve "chicago's tastiest middle eastern cuisine." perfect!

i'd emailed dawali a while back to inquire about vegan options. they came back with quite a list, so i was very, very, very excited to finally get to try their food.

here's what i had ...

 vegan appetizers :
lentil soup, stuffed grape leaves, hummus & masaka (grilled mixed veggies).
in true halley fashion, i went with the all appetizer option. all was delicious. my favorite part? obviously the hummus. they also have a spicy hummus, which we also got -- it was top notch to say the least. 

dawali is the perfect place to order in from ... you can pretend you are on a sunny mediterranean beach and not sitting on your radiator in a cozy blanket & thick socks, trying to keep warm.

dawali mediterranean kitchen
1625 n. halsted street
chicago, il 60614