new items : girl & the goat.

well, i've finally been back to girl & the goat ... and let me say, it was just as amazing this time as it was last time.

i decided to venture out a little and not get any of the dishes i'd eaten previously. this was made particularly easy by the new (ish?) addition a ...

vegan menu !!

so exciting. i love when places have a vegan menu ... and when somewhere like girl & the goat has one? i mean, come on. 

per the usual, i was with my lovely girlfriends who will always share vegan stuffs with me. having people to share the vegan options with is super clutch at a place like this ... here's what i had ...

ghums n' roses bread :
apple sauce. (no rosemary butter.)
k, it's bread. it simply can't be bad, by definition. i believe the word bread and the spanish word for good (bueno) share the same root. kidding, but it's still just so good. i don't know what ghums are, but this version was particularly awesome.

roasted beets :
green beans, avocado & bread crumbs.
the fried bread crumbs reminded me of the tomato dish at trenchermen ... aka, this was delicious.

pan fried shishito peppers :
sesame & miso.
holy shishito pepper perfection. the best. i repeat. the best version of shishito peppers ever. i literally ate 95% of the bowl ... so so so so so damn good.

wood grilled broccoli :
spiced krispies.
my girlfriends & i didn't listen to our server when she told us we were ordering way too much food. "we like to eat," we said. so by time this dish came, we were all stuffed ... and we barely ate any of it. don't get me wrong, it was great ... perfect wood grilled flavor on the broccoli. we were just so full.

girl & the goat remains one of my favorite restaurants in the city. amazing chef, amazing food, legit & amazing vegan menu. you really can't ask for much more. 

girl & the goat
809 w. randolph st.
chicago, il 60607