umi restaurant.

every so often, josh & i stumble upon a random little gem of a restaurant. our most recent discovery was introduced to us by my mom & brother ... umi restaurant, located in irving park. we went there one sunday night to celebrate my brother's birthday : hbd, jeff!

umi offers the "fresh, clean flavors of japan in a casual, yet elegant atmosphere." perfect. and even though the restaurant is located in a strip mall ... when you walk inside, it's really very nice.

here's what i had ...

tofu salad :
fresh tofu tossed in a tangy vinaigrette served with greens. 
this salad was much larger than i expected ... but perfectly delicious. all veggies were very fresh & super flavorful. 

gomae :
boiled spinach in a miso sesame dressing. 
you can't go wrong with anything covered in a tasty sesame sauce ...

avocado maki & aac maki :
avocado + avocado, asparagus & cucumber. 
your basic maki ... the vegan sushi staples. 

umi offers a few other vegan salads & rolls ... and some of the noodle dishes may have also been vegan (but i didn't ask). if you're looking for something quick & easy, umi is a great option.

umi restaurant
2845 w. irving park road
chicago, il 60618