kanela breakfast club.

brunch, brunch, brunch ... anyone looking for a brunch place? try kanela breakfast club

there are two kanela locations ... one in lakeview & one in old town. i met some girlie friends (hi, carly & joelle!) at the old town location a couple of weeks ago for some lovely foodstuffs.

per the kanela website : "kanela is a marvelous world bringing a local, organic & flavorful approach to a greek-inflected american breakfast & lunch menu, reflecting our heritage ... a refreshing take on mama's recipes & delivered to you just the same way, with love & a smile." aww.

here's what i had ...

apple + strawberry + banana juice :
i pretty much drank this in one gulp. so delicious.

greek salad :
mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, sliced red onions & greek vinaigrette. 
anyone here familiar w/ the seinfeld episode where elaine wants a "big salad" ... ? now this would have satisfied her greens requirements. literally huge. i couldn't even finish it -- generally not a problem for me + a bowl of basically water. either way, this was comprised of fresh, tasty ingredients. overall = mmm.

i've gotta say -- there aren't a ton of vegan options at kanela -- but there are a few ... and there are many, many vegetarian options, so that's good. if you're in the hood, it's worth stopping by.

kanela breakfast club
1552 n. wells street
chicago, il 60610