madison, wisconin : the great dane pub & brewing company.

a couple of weeks ago, josh & i headed up to madison, wisconsin for the wedding of one of his co-workers. (congrats to mike & amanda!) ... before the wedding, we obviously had to go somewhere to eat ... another one of josh's co-workers & uw madison alum (hi, gina!) gave us a list of options and when i saw the list, i knew there was only one place i wanted to try ...

the great dane pub & brewing company. seeing as i have a great dane of my own, this was a must.

minnie the great dane ...

i can't honestly handle how precious she is. 
(yes, i know i'm obsessed with my dog.) 

anyway ... "the great dane pub & brewing company was established by college friends ... the two dreamed of starting a brewpub that offered many varieties of house-brewed ales & lagers and hearty, made-from-scratch pub fare to accompany the beers." sounds like the perfect pre-wedding lunch spot. 

besides that, this place is heaven for a great dane lover ... simply because of all the great dane stuff. for example ...

great dane beer taps :
i want this. but i want mine to have floppy ears.
the only way they could make this place better is if they had actual great danes + great dane puppies hanging out for you to play with. great dane pub people, if you are listening. that is a freaking genius million dollar idea. you can have it for free if i can come play with the dogs any time i want. 

here's what i had ...

tomato panzanella salad :
a bed of fresh spinach and mixed greens, cherry & yellow grape tomatoes, fire roasted red peppers & asparagus seasoned with olive oil then tossed with garlic pita & served with balsamic vinaigrette. no mozzarella. 
a fresh variety of veggies, delicious dressing + any form of bread (pita is always a great choice) = summer salad win.

the great dane pub also had an order of hummus on the menu that could be prepared vegan (no feta) ... and there was a veggie burger & sandwich option too ... but i didn't ask about those. seeing as it's madison though (aka, kind of a hippie town), the great dane pub is certain to be pretty accommodating to any dietary needs. 

if you <3 great danes & great food, it's worth a visit.  

123 east doty street
madison, wi 53703