southport grocery & cafe : supper.

first, a note -- i broke my camera on the last day in barcelona. (actually, at laguardia airport. hi, bathroom floor, meet the corner of my phone.) this was before i got it fixed ... so apologies for the super wonky photos. these are the only ones!

southport grocery & cafe is kind of infamous in my mind... as i noted in my previous visit there, the wait times are absolutely absurd. damn, must be hard being so popular!

but fear not! because southport grocery is now open for supper! woot! experience the delish any time of the day. 

here's what i had ...

pickled trio :
bread & butter cauliflower : tastes exactly as you would expect. sweet & salty. mmm.
hot & spicy asparagus : my favorite of the three. obviously. oh so spicy. 
roasted shallot mushrooms : tried & did not like. sorry mushrooms. still hate you.

crispy kale :
kale chips that i didn't have to prepare myself to enjoy? so yeah, duh, awesome. ain't gonna lie - it's not easy to make a good kale chip. basically one second too long in the oven and your tasty snack is done-zo. these were perfect.

fingerling potatoes :
fennel, arugula & pepitas.
nothing not to like here. très tasty. want more.

i think the word about the supper menu had not fully spread at this point (about 2 weeks ago) ... we got there at about 7pm on a thursday... and there were plenty of open tables. but that's okay. the food was great... even though mi amiga & i both kind of hope they will add some of the normal breakfast/lunch menu into the mix.

there were a couple other vegan adaptable items on the menu, so you're pretty much set in that arena. if you're looking for southport grocery food without the southport grocery wait time (yet), check them out for supper. 

southport grocery & cafe
3552 n. sourthport avenue
chicago, il 60657