new york city : the grey dog.

choose your own adventure : what do you do when you are wandering around (aka shopping in) greenwich village (or chelsea or nolita) & it starts to rain? keep in mind, you're also starving.

enter the grey dog, a delightful restaurant & coffee shop.

the grey dog has an adorable backstory : "in 1996, the grey dog coffeehouse was created. she was named after moose & goose, our two labrador retrievers, one white, the other black. the goal was to build a small coffeehouse in the world's greatest city. we wanted to concentrate on little things that often get lost in big city life, like getting to know the names of our patrons & serving wonderful fresh foods at very reasonable prices." how lovely.

outside the restaurant :
i had to take a photo of the sign out front ... seeing as i have a (rather sizable) grey dog. 

so we popped into the grey dog... ordered food... took our seats near the window... chowed down... & watched a bizarre nyc parade. but that last bit's not all that important. what matters is the food at the grey dog, of course.

here's what i had ...

greek salad :
lettuce, tomato, cucumber, olives & tomatoes. w/ herb hummus. no feta. add tofu.
you know a meal is good when you inhale it. i snarfed this down so quickly, even i was surprised. great, light dressing ... crisp, fresh veggies... perfectly cooked & flavored tofu. there is literally nothing wrong with this salad. the ideal lunch.

i tucked the two other the grey dog locations up at the top. so if you happen to be in one of these neighborhoods, it's definitely worth grabbing a bite. 

90 university place
new york, new york 10003