ughhh, guys. i hate when this happens. when i don't love a place with legit vegan food. but that's what happened with longacre.

ok, here's the saga. i really wanted some vegan pizza. first choice was dimo's, but damn. it's just so expensive when you're like me & need to order 2 pizzas, because there's so much you want to eat. plus, your non-vegan husband wants a non-vegan pizza. so that was out. then i remembered a new-ish spot in uptown ... longacre, "detroit style pizza with homemade & premium incredients."

so ... we try to figure out delivery. it says they're open for delivery online. i call, they say they are. it doesn't work. so i eat something frozen & we decide we will try the next day. CLOSED. ok, fine. this was the day before thanksgiving. i guess not everyone wants to eat pizza the day before carbs carbs carbs & more carbs. obvi closed on thanksgiving. CLOSED THE FRIDAY AFTER TOO. what?! 

finally, they are open on saturday. (please note, this is day 5 of me wanting pizza, so i am pretty pizza-hangry.) we still can't get the online delivery to work so we call ahead & drive there. with a toddler. but that's not longacre's fault. what was longacre's fault was that they said 20-30 minutes ... we got there & it took an additional 20+. ugh, whatever, i got a coke for my troubles.

we eventually get home with our (overpriced) pizzas & toddler. here's what i had ...

margherita verde :
fresh tomato, spinach, buffalo mozzarella & pesto finish. 
we use housemade nut ricotta, buffalo mozzarella & quality manufactured vegan cheeses (daiya).  

here's an individual shot, because the whole thing is not the prettiest. 
ok. after all this. this pizza. was. terrible. maybe just not my cup of tea ... but omg. just so much daiya! look at that! like an entire bag of daiya on there! (vegan bestie tnaya warned me of this, but per usual ... i am stubborn & did not listen.) also ... just not good. so sad.

upside? the bread part was quite delicious. i peeled off all the toppings & made marinated eggplant sandwiches for the next couple days. #winning

so thoughts? have you tried longacre? what'd you think? do i need to give them a second chance? @ me, y'all! 

1309 w. wilson ave.
chicago, il 60640

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