seattle : frankie & jo's.

well guys. we've made it. the last seattle post. sorry to break it to you, there's about 900 portland posts coming, but still.

okay, so we've arrived at frankie & jo's. get pumped, because frankie & jo's is an all. vegan. ice. cream. shop. key words are all vegan. all vegan, y'all! what!! 

here's the scoop (GET IT???) : "for us, excellence comes from careful attention to all the details -- we live & breathe the layered nuances of plant-based ice cream making so that your experience can be pure, intentional & delicious. we are a team of people who continue to grow & work together to seek tasty & unique fruits, vegetables, plants & tress from which to  make our ice cream." picture a spotlight shining down upon this little ice cream spot ... aaaaaah-aaaaaaaaaah-aaaaah. 

here's what i had ...

gingered golden milk : 
tumeric coconut ice cream with spices & pieces of crystalized ginger. 
sorry, was more interested in selfie taking than a good shot of the ice cream. anyway, i sampled several flavors, but this was the best to me. super flavorful & delicious. 

i've got to say ... even if you aren't a huge ice cream person, like me ... frankie & jo's is an absolute must stop in seattle. super cool flavors. super cool shop. super cool vegan-ness. thank me later.

frankie & jo's
1010 e. union st.
seattle, wa 98112

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