tuco & blondie.

now that we have moved out of southport corridor, i'm literally always itching to get back over there & come up with any excuse to do so. one typical may thursday, the baby, my mil (hi, debby!) & i took a trip to the new amazon book store ... with a side of tuco & blondie for lunch.

what is tuco & blondie, you ask? "tuco & blondie is a mexican-style, fajita-eatin', margarita-drinkin' good time in the heart of southport. serving food hot for brunch, lunch & into the night. sides & sips for sidekicks." hook me up. with all of it. 

i had been here one before for some late night drinks with girlfriends, but couldn't wait to get back & try the food. here's what i had ...

guacamole :
avocado, lime & pico de gallo. 
ultra-fresh so ultra-good. 

portobello & poblano fajitas :
side of escabeche. 
i didn't make a stink about the portobello, so i cannot even tell you how thrilled i was when this came out & it was just big slices on top that i could easily avoid. the poblano, bell peps & onion were enough for me. plus, the escabeche that is a substitute for the rice & beans was amazing. like so good. our server was a little worried that i wouldn't be able to handle the spice, but i told him i was cool. did not disappoint on any level.

so tuco & blondie is pretty great. our server knew right away what the vegan options were & knew how to modify. love the atmosphere. (even if it's a little loud, but that's good for drowning out the noise of a toddler.)the food was delish ... my only regret is not ordering a margarita. hasta pronto, tuco & blondie! 

tuco & blondie
3358 n. southport ave.
chicago, il 60657

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