forno rosso.

another weekend, another opportunity to eat pizza. this time, a girls night out with the guys! woah!

when the time to make a decision on where to eat came, it was first decided that we wanted many carbs. then that we wanted pizza. then that we wanted to try somewhere new to us. since we are chicago pizza connoisseurs, that didn't leave us with many options ... except forno rosso in the west loop.

i've talked before about the incredible, expanding, hopping & bopping area on randolph. forno rosso is in on the action. (right across the street from a new, huge free people. crazy.)

anyway, all you need to know about forno rosso is that it's a legit pizzeria napoletana. verace pizza napoletana, if you will. (that's vpn, a special designation for those of you not in the know.)

here's what i had ...

verdure miste :
marinated eggplants, grilled artichokes, sundried tomatoes, spicy calabrian peppers & imported olives.
this is the type of dish i could have used 4x as much of. give me some fresh pane & i could eat this stuff all day long. let's go down the line ... marinated eggplant - so good. reminded me of bari's italian veggie sandwich. (holy cow, i can't believe i've never done a post on bari. stand by.) ... grilled artichokes - always amazing ... sundried tomatoes - it's not the 90s, but they're still a staple in my book ... spicy calabrian peppers - GIVE ME ALL OF THEM ... imported olives - i mean, duh. i love those huge red ones. 

marinara pizza :
san marzano tomatoes, oregano, fresh garlic, sea salt, basil & added calabrian peppers. 
 ok, gang. i'm about to make an update & a pretty bold statement. this is now officially my favorite neapolitan style pizza in all of chicago. just awesome. the crust is what makes or breaks a good napoletana pizza. this one is just the bomb. no other commentary necessary. 

i've already made plans to go back to forno rosso, so you know i really loved it. until then, i'll be dreaming of verdure mixte & marinara pizza. mmm.

forno rosso
1048 w. randolph st.
chicago, il 60607

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  1. Do they have vegan (& gluten free) pizza? If not, can you recommend a place in town? (We're visiting from Portland this weekend.)

    1. hi, angelika! i'm so sorry i didn't see this.

      i'm not sure if the gluten-free crust is also vegan. it usually isn't, i've found. but they do have vegan crust and a gf crust. just may not be one in the same.

      hope you enjoyed your trip! i'm heading to portland this fall! let me know if you have any must-try spots i need to visit!



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