grocery edition : vegan mac & cheese.

if you could list out the top three questions that vegans get asked, what would that include?

i think ...

1. do you get enough protein?
2. don't you miss chocolate?
3. don't you miss cheese?

listen, i don't miss cheese. but i'm not going to lie, i miss mac & cheese. such delicious, filling comfort food ... hard not to miss it. but lucky for us, unlike vegans of generations ago -- we've got vegan mac & cheese options a plenty available for our consumption.

so i made my way over to vegan heaven (aka whole foods) & picked a few options. here's what i got ...

daiya :
remember when we were kids & we'd say "first is the worst" ...? i decided to apply that principle here. this wasn't terrible (unlike the daiya white alfredo box or whatever, which was truly inedible), but it wasn't great. this one is trying to be like velveeta mac ... #fail on that front.

earth balance :
like the daiya wants to be velveeta, this one wants to be kraft. not going to lie, it's pretty damn good. my level of excitement when this first came out was sky high ... met / exceeded expectations. 
pro tip -- skip the v. milk & add extra v. butter. 

soul vegan :
my faveeee. reminds me of homemade mac & cheese ... i like to add some seasonings & crushed red pepper for a li'l kick (not pictured). if i see this when i'm at whole foods, i pretty much have to get it. it's that good. it comes from the people who brought us vegan now & the original soul vegetarian. so you can trust it's god. (that was a typo, but i decided to leave it.)

welp, there you have it. let me know your favorite grocery vegan mac & cheeses ... always down to try more!


  1. Hi! Love your page. I've used it as a reference point to find great vegan eats since moving to Chicago a year ago.

    Where did you find your favorite mac and cheese? I've never noticed it where I shop, (Whole Foods). Thanks!

    1. Also, would love to see some Polish restaurants here! I've been to Teresa II Polish Restaurant & Lounge, (which was wonderful), but would like to discover others. Thanks again.

    2. hi! it's at whole foods! in the prepared section ... like near the prepared wraps, spinach pies, etc. sometimes they don't have it ... ask next time! ;)

      i'll see if any polish restaurants catch my eye! i'm not the biggest polish food fan, so i haven't been!

      thanks for reading! :)


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