guys, i've been majorly slacking off this summer. i know. i apologize. between moving, trips out of town + baby (how long can i blame baby for things? it's been almost a year...), it's been a busy summer!

so busy ... that me & the girls went to grant achatz's new restaurant, roister in the west loop, months ago. i can't even remember when we went.

roister's ish is that "the restaurant is the kitchen. the kitchen is the restaurant." all open ... you can see everything that's going on. super cool.

we cleared with the team there that they'd be able to accommodate le vegan (me, duh) & le gluten-free (mah gf, joelle), so we knew we were set. side note, it was hella dark in there & i didn't want to be that person & use my flash, so sorry for that.

here's what i had ...

grilled asparagus salad :
fennel & rice. 
tasty. a very loose interpretation of what a salad is, but that's just me. 

yukon fries :
soy dusted, rice vinegar, tofu mayo. 
these were the star of the meal. i mean ... delicious potatoes + a special vegan/tofu mayo!? kind of something i could eat 14 portions of. 

carolina gold  rice :
hoisin-glazed carrots, thai basil. 
i obviously requested no mushrooms & got extra carrots in return, so that was perfect. but tbh, i don't remember at this point how much i liked the dish. knowing my obsession with carbs, i'm guessing i finished the whole plate either way. 

of all the achatz restaurants i've been too, i'm going to say roister was my least favorite. yeah, the potatoes were bomb. but is that enough to save a meal? if i love something, i remember. trust me. 

listen. taste is personal. you may love it. it's not like i won't try it again!

951 w. fulton market
chicago, il 60607