i've been trying to explore the places in our new hood, roscoe village. the top of the pack, you ask? kitsch'n, located right on roscoe near damen.

seeing as kitsch'n is "chicago's cult favorite comfort food & brunch destination," i was pretty pumped to try it out.

here's what i had ...

tofu scramble :
light & flavorful seasoned tofu sautéed w/ evoo, spinach, broccoli, roasted peppers, scallions, garlic & a drizzle of fresh basil pesto. 
here's the deal. the flavors, great. but this just wasn't a tofu scramble. when you're expecting a tofu scramble, you want a tofu scramble. also, i just feel like usually, a tofu dish like this would come with toast? potatoes? like how an egg scramble would come? ... nope. this was just this. what you see is what i got. 

kitsch'n is a roscoe village staple ... i've believe they've been here for close to 20 years. so clearly, this is a me problem. let's be honest. any place that has legit vegan options is a place we need to give a second chance. plus, le baby enjoyed his french toast sticks, so there's that. we'll be back!

2005 w. roscoe st.
chicago, il 60618


  1. I always get their breakfast burrito, veganized - I always have spotty results, though. Sometimes they add tofu, sometimes it's just beans and veggies. They seem to have bad communication with the kitchen. Either way, they always resolve the problem and in the end it's pretty tasty!

    1. good to know!! will try that next time. ;)

      thanks for reading!


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